Live Now in Kyrgyzstan

Here’s my modern take on one of the most unknown country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan (Ker-Gyz-Stan). Do not let the name and the spellings fool you, Kyrgyzstan is one of the easiest country in Central Asia to travel to and one of the most rewarding…

– Pete R.


Follow us on our 15 days Road-trip to California and Nevada.
Discover incredible landscapes, and magical cities.


World’s smallest HD drone cruises through Muscle Beach.

Indonesia Aerial

A view from above of a land of diversity with its magnificent volcanoes, mighty waterfalls, rainforests, rice fields and wild beaches . Bali, Lombok, Nusa Penida


Walking through the moon like landscape to surfer treats, I have found myself immersed in the local life of Lanzarote where fisherman carry out their daily routine, winemakers nurture their grapevines and aspiring Iron Men train as hard as ever to become the next World Champion.


FlightLapse #01 – MilkyWay

Flying through the night, while the world beneath us is at sleep, is a pretty common thing as a longhaul pilot. Late evening departures lead to far distant destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo or J’burg. Depending on the direction of the flight the crew and the passengers either have a short night up ahead if flying eastbound or almost eternal darkness if headed westwards.

The Eternal Moment of Now

In a world filled with distractions, there’s an art to being present. More than ever we have a million different places outside of ourself to place our attention and yet when we truly tune into the present moment, we realize that’s all there ever really is, The Eternal Moment Of Now.


Trip to the North Cape

Experience a timelapse through Norway to the North Cape. This is the fifth of a series of films that describes the nature of Scandinavia through timelapses and aerial photography.